How to use MotoMeet

Near Me

This is your go-to screen when the app opens. Here you will be able to see upcoming rides in your area. Simply hit the pin to view the ride details, followed by attend if you wish to join.

Once you join a ride you will automatically be added to the group chat so you can get to know your prospective riding buddies and keep up to date with the latest ride info.

My Rides

This is the home of all your rides, past, present and future. Think of this tab as your diary where you can edit, review and customise all your rides. Click on any ride to view all the necessary details.

Happy riding!

Create a Ride

This is your chance to be the pack leader. Here you can create, customise and post a ride of your choice. Let the world know about your ride with a cool title and a brief description of how things are going to go down.
After you have filled in the required fields, hit that post button and watch your followers flock to you. Expect some awesome reviews!


This is where you let the world know about you. Tell other riders a bit about yourself and be sure to post your best bike pictures. Sit back and watch the reviews come flying in. After all these awesome rides you’ve been posting, people are going to want to check you out.

Tell Me About It

What it says on the tin. Simply enter your preferences into the required fields to be notified about an abundance of tailor-made rides to suit your style. These can be edited at any time on this screen.
To get here simply tap on your profile, followed by the settings icon which you will see on the top right of the screen. It’s pretty straight forward from here on out. Hit that “tell me about it” button and hey presto! You’re good to go.

More questions? Head on over to our FAQs