We are MotoMeet

Riding is great, riding with others is absolutely out of this world!

Having someone there to share your adventures, your mishaps, achievements and even shortcomings is a truly blessed experience. Especially in this wonderful age of technology, having the power to capture, document and relive these moments is something I am eternally grateful for. So, one day when I was riding alone, I thought: “Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that caters specifically for this?” There wasn’t! 

This was my lightbulb moment, the very second the concept of the MotoMeet app was born.

So, from here on out, with the might of the Prince’s Trust behind me, I am going to continue working tirelessly until my vision for Motomeet is set in stone. I envision Motorcyclists all over the world being able to login to the app at a touch of a button and having a selection of tailor-made rides and possible friends for life, available at their fingertips.

I truly hope this app enriches your motorcycling experiences from here on out. I hope it serves as a viable platform to build friendships around a passion we all hold so dear.

Let’s get riding!

Jack Gray
Founder of MotoMeet

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